Cheating ? scared?

Today about 11:43am received a call +6060322626555 , never think much answer the call and the man from the other line says he is "Sarjan Leong" from Police station Bukit Aman. Surprise though i listern wrongly, at 1st he talk in Bahasa says i'm involve a case cheat people money and they able catch a man name "Lim Chung Wah" and the man says i got related "jual accounts" to him by RM 500.00...i not understand wat he talking about and ask him back, he could scold me and sound angry back to me ask again whether i could know about this...of course i dunno wat the rubbish he talking bout and he ask me back whether need talk to me in mandarin to understand it ..ok i let him talk in mandarin again he talk the same thing to me and kept on forcing me to answer yes or not and says maybe my identitil card number get use up by other to open an saving or any bank accounts from RHB and OCBC bank.
And the time i'm start panic though is really my number and name steal and wrongly use up but at the same time i also suspect is this man is real "Sarjan" or not, i ask him back wat should i do now, he ask me to Bukit Aman to see him and i says i dunno how to go and i'm working too, but he kept on force me go or else i will get catch by cheating people can be jail 5years plus all the rubbish he talk or ask me can make in report on the phone , luckily i says i will let my hubby call him up see wat the real happen and will go there ASAP, the time can feel he voice start change but still he can give me back the same number as he call me says call that number sure can get him.
The time i faster check on Bukit Aman phone number..Oh the number is really Bukit Aman police station number and i call hubby to call for verify this and the answer is this is case cheat people , the number is correct but is no "Sarjan Leong" there, the police there ask us go to make a police report for protect ourself.
When i make report and the police listern wat i tell and says this is not the 1st case they received and they could not do anything for it !! How could they says so?? since is not 1st case happen ! still they can says they canno do anything and the people now is too smart !!

Just thinking how could the people can use up police line to make call to people and dare to ask us go to see him??
so do be carefull when received any call like this and dun be panic too, i'm luckily the time i already suspect the man is cheating me and hubby is accompany me to report on it.

thanks god hope it won't happen really make me no feel good and safety .


Is Surprise and happy happen it by yesterday night, as i said before Kayln is slow and don't want to talk and speak any word to us, but i'm suprising yeasterday night when I says one, she answer me two, I get shock and try to says three to her see what her respond and she answer me four and she smile with me cause i'm happy and says good girl and give her a big hug to her,even just until four she can says and compare to other kids i belive she is late to know all this but wat can i expect is good enough for us when we know she actually know to talk just slow then other kids.

I know i need give her more patience and teach her , and i belive she can talk and answer me more question, however i always tell her mommy love her very much  :)

                                                 she is always happy gal to us
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